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Global Goals Jam 2024: Reconnect & Repair

The Global Goals Jam always takes place the weekend before UN Climate Week. This year, we will be jamming 15 to 17 September! Do you want to host a Jam?

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Join the Train the Trainer online course and become an official organizer and/or facilitator!

Get bit-sized information via videos and articles combined with reflective exercises to start understanding why, how and what the Global Goals Jam is - all in your own pace! After completion, you will receive an official certificate issued by Digital Society School and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. We ask for a one time EUR 50 contribution to support the time spent on developing the course and its materials.

Organising a jam

  • Facilitate a 2 day local jam with a space that can host 20 – 40 participants (or more of course!)
  • Provide a contact person for this project who checks mail and Slack from May to October
  • Create your local chapter on and provide content about your event on a dedicated website or social media channels
  • Organise your own budget neutral event, but feel free to involve partners and sponsors, or ask a small fee from participants
  • Connect to the Internet to be in touch with other design teams in other major cities during the Jam
  • Use the Global Goals Jam’s branding and frameworks to document your process and results
  • Share results under creative commons license

Become a local organiser

Interested in organising a Jam? Take a look at the Organiser Booklet for more details. Or sign up right away and join us!

Global theme in 2024

To solve the challenges of today, we need global collaboration. That’s why every year, we select global themes for you to translate to a local context. The key insights of your Jam’s location can then be shared under this global theme so that we can connect local findings to the global context, and start making those bigger connections!

GLOBAL GOALS JAM 2024: Reconnect & Repair!

Reconnect & Repair

In these tumultuous times, “Reconnect & Repair” is a call to action. It’s about rekindling the bonds within our communities and reestablishing our connection to nature. It’s about mending our broken systems—social, economic, and environmental—and creating sustainable practices that endure. Reconnect with each other and with the planet, and repair our goods and products to reduce waste and promote longevity. Together, let’s build a future where creativity and sustainability thrive. Join us in this vital mission to heal and innovate.

Why This Theme?

Reconnecting Communities: Our social fabric has been strained by various global challenges. “Reconnect & Repair” encourages initiatives that bring people together, fostering solidarity and mutual support. Creative projects can focus on building inclusive communities, supporting mental health, and enhancing social cohesion.

Restoring Nature: Our relationship with nature needs to be revitalized. This theme promotes efforts to protect and restore natural habitats, encouraging sustainable interaction with our environment. Projects might include urban greening, wildlife conservation, and promoting biodiversity.

Repairing Systems: The COVID-19 pandemic and other crises have exposed weaknesses in our social, economic, and environmental systems. This theme urges us to address these vulnerabilities, advocating for more resilient and equitable structures. Ideas could range from innovative healthcare solutions to sustainable economic models.

Sustainable Practices: Long-lasting change requires sustainable practices. “Reconnect & Repair” supports initiatives that reduce waste, promote recycling, and advocate for sustainable production and consumption. Creatives can design products with longevity in mind, explore circular economy models, and develop educational campaigns on sustainability.

Creative Solutions: Creativity is at the heart of this theme. It invites artists, designers, and innovators to propose and implement solutions that are both practical and imaginative. Whether through art, technology, or grassroots activism, the aim is to inspire and mobilize communities towards a sustainable future.

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