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The Global Goals Jam always takes place the weekend before UN Climate Week, at the end of September. This year, we’ll be jamming in the weekend of 20-22 of September!

You can sign-up as a local organiser and then download the jamkit that helps you organise the process. After running the Jam for 3 years, we realised that we don’t just want to organise another hackathon.

We want to focus on what we believe really matters to make change: actual collaboration across cultures and disciplines. That’s why we redesigned the process of the Global Goals Jam with a focus on critical making, creating conversational objects to really empathise with a challenge and start new ways of collaborating. To facilitate that we are updating the toolkit and the website will be also get a redesign – so stay tuned!

Global Goals Jam 2019 How does it work?

To solve the challenges of today, we need global collaboration. That’s why, we drafted global themes for you to translate to a local context. The key insights of your Jam’s location can then be shared under this global theme, so that we can connect local findings to the global context, and start making those bigger connections!

We have 4 global themes: 1. water and climate change, 2. migration, 3. electronic waste, and 4. sustainable development for people ánd planet. All of them relate to different SGDs and global issues as described by UNDP. Almost all of the related SDGs also have central place  in the 2019 High Level Political Forum.

See here some for more info on the global themes.

  1. Select one main global theme for your Jam.
  2. Create local challenges related to the theme. You’ll find tips for this in the Jamkit, and be sure to also checkout the SDGs and their targets that are connnected. Tip: to ensure life after the Jam, it helps to co-create your challenges with local organisations. This can be government, NGOs, startups or corporates. As long as they are working on one of the SDGs of the global themes! Tip 2: we are collaborating with World Design Organization for World Industrial Design Day on 29th of June. It’s jamming around the goals of Sustainable Consumption and Production, but in the specially adapted toolkit there are also tools you can use to draft local challenges around other SDGs. So check out the kit and prepare your challenges already in a minijam!
  3. Create multidisciplinary teams of creatives, researchers, sustainability experts and other professionals.
  4. Jam for 2 days using the tools in our Jamkit.
  5. Document and package your work to share with the global community. For some inspiration, check out our Youtube channel and Medium publication.
  6. Keep an eye out how your projects can be further developed! Maybe there are local accelerators, maybe a partner organisation wants to collaborate for a longer time. Maybe there are others in the Jam community that you or your teams can collaborate with!
    Tip 3: if you want a longer term deep dive into designing globally for SDGs, we have an international network called Design Across Cultures. Check out more info on, or contact us for trainings and workshops around designing for sustainable development!
Interested in hosting a Jam?

After signing up, you will be added to our Slack community with current and former organisers, and our mailinglist – where you’ll receive updates about preparations and important events, like World Industrial Design Day and a Train the Trainer session. As soon as the Jamkit is updated, you also can download all the methods and tools needed.

And be sure to check out our FAQ for any questions you might have!

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