FAQ - Global Goals Jam 2016

A Sprint is a timeboxed session in which teams plan, execute and evaluate its goals. To make a successful sprint helps We use sprints because we believe in the Think Big, Start Small, Act Fast philosophy. During the #GlobalGoalsJam sprints last for 3 to 4 hours.

  • The Global Goals Jam will use the communication channels (website, twitter, fb) of the UNDP to communicate about the event.
  • @globalgoalsjam #globalgoalsjam
  • Local organizers are suggested to use their own (existing) accounts for external communication.
  • Internal Communication: Slack/Spark. Local Jam Organizer can join the SlackChannel: LocalJams on undpcommunications.slack.com to directly communicate with other local jams and the organizing committee.

Being a jammer is simple, you just need to register for the event and wait for our reply. We provide a general Eventbrite account, that local jams can use, as a registration tool for participants as jammers. Jammers register with name and expertise, and will be challenged to bring participants from the community they design for.

How to host your own Global Goals Jam

To start, you need a physical space to comfortably seat participants – a local Global Goals Jam has 15 up to 30 jammers.

  1. Reliable Internet access (either wired or wireless) for all participants
  2. Access to methods tools and templates
  3. Local IT support in case of problems with computers or internet connectivity
  4. At least one local official organizer to coordinate the event
  5. Coffee, tea and beverages & easy access to food
  6. Security

The Global Goals Jam platform also provides you with methods, templates and tools to organize your local event, hands-on guidance before & during the even.

You will need some time to prepare the jam, to recruit jammers, find a venue and receive the materials. For the first Global Goals Jam in 2016, the deadline to organize a local Global Goals Jam is set on August 25th.

The Global Goals Jam has no commercial purpose. The local organizers are not allowed to use the Global Goals Jam for commercial purposes. Local jam organizers are allowed to ask a registration fee to the jammers in order to cover organization expenses such as materials, food, drinks and security.

Yes! This is one of the main goals of the Global Goals Jam. We want to share intermediate results with the world, so others can build upon all those small steps that we’ve made. Teams are responsible to document their process and output. They use the Global Goals Jam digital platform, so set their goals, and document their process and output.

Feel free to share pics and vids through your channels, then tag this material with #globalgoalsjam. Photo’s and Video’s will be harvested, to showcase online and in the Expo Booth we are putting together at the main event in New York. We will provide all locations with a Local Global Goals Jam logo and bumper video to give the pics and vids some context.

We use Slack to communicate with each other day-to-day and e-mails for relevant updates.

Check your local partners how they can be involved. Since it might be complex for partners to sponsor events financially, it might help to ask them to sponsor a part of the event. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Departments of multinationals, Universities or local SME’s may be useful partners to approach.

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks / Cocktail
  • Hardware setup (beamer, Screen, Mic, audio)
  • Venue
  • Branding Materials
  • Materials (Paper, Markers, Flip-overs, etc.)
  • Film (aftermovie)
  • Photographer

Intellectual property & code of conduct

The jam teams hold all IP rights. However, the Global Goals Jam may use outputs for demonstration and communication as it sees fit. All outputs must be posted in the condition they are in at the end of the jam. If jamteams wish to upload subsequent versions, they are welcome and we will host and archive them. All participants must agree to use Creative Commons, share, alter, no sell license.

Local jam organizers are allowed to ask organizations to sponsor the event. However, the organizing committee would like to know which partners are going to support your event. Due to UN ethics and policies, partners related to tobacco companies, arms industry and other similar businesses should not be part of the Global Goals Jam. You can also check the official documentation of the UNDP