Global Goals Jam 2019
Coming in September 2019

The #GlobalGoalsJam is a two day event consisting of short design sprints. Creative teams of designers, developers and Jammers from the local community work together using a tailored toolkit. Together, we will create interventions aimed at short term targets in support of the long term goals. Do you want to join a global community of change-makers, ranging from Rio de Janeiro, Accra, Copenhagen to Amman, Delhi, Fukuoka and more? Join us to Design 2030 Now!

Design 2030 Now

The Global Goals Jam is part of Design Across Cultures, a global innovation chain where multidisciplinary multicultural design teams collaborate to tackle similar local challenges all over the world. Teams work in-between different cities, using the force of cultural differences and similarities as a design strategy. Design across Cultures is an initiative of Digital Society School.

17 Goals for Sustainable Development

A Collaboration with UNDP

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

In 2016, United Nations Development Programme approached Digital Society School to create a collaboration that connected the design community with the Sustainable Development Goals. Using our expertise in Design Methods and international collaboration, we designed a process that empowers people to create direct impact for the global goals, solving local challenges relevant to their own context.

Jam Kit

In the Jam, participants use a tailored toolkit to help them translate big goals into local challenges - to design for sustainable impact. Starting with the Global Goals, the toolkit provides teams with a common language to ensure shared process and documentation. Get started with the toolkit and sign-up as an organiser!

Local Organisers 2018
These were all of our hosts of last year. As soon as the 2019 Jams are planned and local organisers have filled in their profile, you'll see which Jams are there to join!
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