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Global Goals Jam2019
Coming in September 2019
Digital Society Survey

Want to be part of shaping the digital society of the future? We are running a survey to better understand the state of the Digital Society today and we’d love to have your insights for this! Participants can even win prizes!

DSS Survey

The #GlobalGoalsJam is a two day event consisting of short design sprints. Creative teams of designers, developers and Jammers from the local community work together using a tailored toolkit. Together, we will create interventions aimed at short term targets in support of the long term goals. Do you want to join a global community of change-makers, ranging from Rio de Janeiro, Accra, Copenhagen to Amman, Delhi, Fukuoka and more? Join us to Design 2030 Now!

Join our 20 Week Program!

Want to work on the sustainable development goals for more than just a weekend? An internship at Digital Society School will open up a world of opportunities. You’ll be part of a vibrant interdisciplinary group during a semester and have unique access to a network of experts in the field.

Jam Kit

The Global Goals Jam Kit includes: guidelines for local organizers, teams and coaches, design methods and templates, event posters and possible challenges. We are updating the Kit for 2018 as we speak. To get an idea, see here what was in the Kit last year.

Design 2030 Now

The United Nations Development Programme and the Digital Society School (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), are inviting you to join the 3rd edition of the #GlobalGoalsJam. Join us to design interventions for the Sustainable Development Goals that matter most to you. Let’s #Design2030Now! Check out the map below to join a Jam near you! Want to know a bit more details? Check out our info package. Our main sign-up deadline has closed, so we don’t send any physical kits anymore – but you can still join and print the kit yourself. Or shoot us a message at the bottom of this page if you want to join next year!

Vision Global Goals Jam

We believe that interdisciplinary teams can boost their creativity by using design methods. We believe in the value of sharing and building on each others’ knowledge. We believe in agile and iterative design. We believe in tackling big (global) issues by taking small (local) steps.

Local Organizers 2018
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17 Goals for Sustainable Development
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Meet the Global Organizing Team
Impact Producer at the Digital Society School. Next to coordinating the Global Goals Jam also working on the SDG Box; a toolkit that implements the Sustainable Development Goals into education and guides students to create sustainable impact. Excited on anything in-between design, sustainability and social innovation.
Co-founder and Head of Programmes & Impact at the Digital Society School. Community Liaison for World Design Organisation. On a mission to fight ‘Design Waste’, by introducing a common language of design methods to the design field so that creatives can build upon each other’s work and share intermediate-level knowledge to tackle the world’s biggest...
Co-founder and Head of Strategy & Organisation for Digital Society School. Responsible for Design Across Cultures, a collaboration with Cisco Systems and a programme for multidisciplinary, multicultural teams around the world, using the undeniable force of cultural differences and similarities as a design strategy to locally have impact on global issues. Gijs co-founded the Global...
Engagement Manager at the United Nations Development Programme. Responsible for organizing the Social Good Summit in conjunction with Mashable, 92Y and the United Nations Foundation, managing the +SocialGood partnership and UNDP’s communication partnerships. Strong roots in journalism and detailed knowledge of current and international affairs. Has worked in some of the most politically volatile and...
Design Producer at the Digital Society School, interested in understanding how to use new methods into design research. Has been collaborating on the design and playlist of methods that will be shared with the locations that will be joining this year’s Global Goals Jam and is also a coach for the teams in the local...
For the past two years has been working for the Faculty of Digital Design & Creative Industries, building international relations, networking and setting up international cooperation projects with universities and companies – all with the goal of making our graduates capable and flexible global employees. Main areas of interest are: Intercultural Communication; Business Communication; mentoring...
Joined UNDP to work on Digital Good, the first interactive platform enabling people worldwide to fund local and global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. She focuses on the engagement initiatives and creates avenues for youth to be part of the SDGs agenda. Her strong background in education helps strengthen the relationship with students...
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