Global Goals Jamkit

The Jamkit contains an organiser booklet on how to host a jam, a curated selection of methods from our Design Method Toolkit, as well as additional methods on circular design and sustainable development. It comes with guidelines and templates that help the teams through the process.

For sustainability purposes, our kit is now digital by default. However, if you want to have the physical version (and can’t or don’t want to print it locally), you can order a physical one once the 2019 version is ready. The price will be based on the costs for production and mailing itself – but it will also include CO2 compensation for the costs on the planet.

We are now redesigning the process of the Jam – the new toolkit should be available in the coming weeks. If you want to get familiar already, please check out the special toolkit we made for World Industrial Design Day!  It has methods to prepare your local challenges, perfect to kick-off your preparations already.

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