For organising a Jam

Info booklet

A short pitch deck that helps you share the Jam with colleagues, partners and sponsors. Get here

Organiser booklet

All you need to know as a Jam organiser! Get here

Brand assets

Everything you need to share and localise the branding: brand guidelines, logos, and our font. Get here


Add your location and start promoting your Jam! Get here

Methods and templates for your Jam

Jam Guidelines

What do you do in the Jam? These guidelines help your teams with each sprint – providing suggestions for possible methods, deliverables and some examples. Get here

SDG Cards

17 SDG Cards with data on global challenges. To know more about the goals and become inspired! Get here

Method cards

Our method cards from the Global Goals Toolkit – now temporarily available just for you! For the 2 days of the Jam, we focus on one in particular: Empathy in Action. Get here


Some of the method cards go with templates. Use them to see what challenge you can start with, assess your impact, and see how the SDGs relate to each other. Get here