For organisers

Global Goals Jamkit

For organising your Jam

Info booklet

A short pitch deck that helps you share the Jam with colleagues, partners and sponsors. Get here

Organiser booklet

All you need to know as a Jam organiser! Get here

Brand assets

Everything you need to share and localise the branding: brand guidelines, logos, and our font. Get here


Add your location and start promoting your Jam! Get here


Methods and templates


The main method we use in the Jam is called “Empathy in Action”. We added some extra methods that help you with every sprint. Get here

Download the new templates for the Human Rights canvas method here.

SDG Cards

17 cards with data and questions on all 17 SDGs. Get here

Jam Guidelines

The Jam Guidelines support your teams in all 4 sprints. It contains information on every sprint, suggests possible methods and also mentions all deliverables. Get here

Google slide template

We have created a simple Google Slide template in our branding, so you or your teams can use it to share your ideas! Get here

Hosting an online Jam

Are you jamming online this year? We partnered up with Miro and created online templates to help you design your own digital jam space. Read all information on how to sign up, use the templates and create your own board here

Files to edit or print

For the items you would like to have physically, we created special files for printing. Be sure to work with a local, sustainable printer! We also added the editable files so you can translate them into your own language.