UPLIFT- Design thinking workshops

The theme for Dusseldorf chapter of Global Goals JAM 2022 is ‘UPLIFT- Design thinking workshops’

There will be two themes for this event, and we strongly encourage people belonging to these communities to resister for the event.

  1. Ukranian refugee upliftment – the ideal coping scenario
  2. LGBTQ+ community rights- freshening up the perspective

This event is being organized by Global Shapers Dusseldrof, World Economic Forum, in association with Digital Society School and UNDP, as a part of a global event called Global Goals JAM. The broad focus is on SDG16- Peace, justice and strong institutions. The Dusseldorf chapter will conclude with local efforts to support people displaced from Ukraine, and to promote inclusion and diversity. The workshop will focus on viewing the problems from two lens, the federal lens and the public lens. This workshop will spark innovation and foster people-centric mindset to design and propose cross-functional solutions. The workshop will take its participants through the intense steps of a typical Design Thinking Workshop, that is empathy, ideation, innovation, problem solving and prototyping. Through this initiative, Global Shapers, Dusseldorf would like to provide a brave space to people to think outside of the box and propose solutions rooted in empathy, yet practically applicable, in order to UPLIFT humanity locally, and globally.

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