Global Goals Jam Toronto 2020 (October 24th-25th, 2020)

Calling Developers, designers, strategists and all enthusiasts to design and hack solutions for well being, reducing carbon footprint and leaving no one behind.

To register for The Global Goals Jam Toronto 2020, click here.

Do you have a passion for solving social challenges to improve lives? Do you want to be part of a small group of committed people who will spend a weekend Designing and hacking innovative solutions to challenges that can help Toronto/Canada contribute to achieving the Global Goals? Join us for the #GlobalGoalsJam Toronto. Let’s jam for a better planet! 

The Toronto Global Goals Jam Online is organised by SDG Innovation Lab, Centennial College and  Canadian Partners with support from UNDP and Digital Society School Amsterdam as part of Global Jams around the world. This is an event to engage designers, developers, strategists, and all community members to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by creating solutions with long-term impact. More than an event, it is a network of cities and organizations that are excited to engage their local communities to create real impact for the Global Goals.

 Global Goals Jam Toronto 2020 (October 24th-25th, 2020)

Participants will work deeper on their problems and solutions with mentor support addressing the themes using design thinking and lean methodology. They will then be able to prepare a presentation and pitch their ideas and solutions for a chance to win Awards.

You are invited to jam for a better Toronto and a better world! Get to know design thinking and lean methodology in practice. Virtually meet like-minded people to develop cool solutions for global problems and be a part of events in over 80 cities around the world. 

To register for The Global Goals Jam Toronto 2020, click here.

It takes many community leaders to put together an event like this. We invite you to join by sharing your experience and expertise as a facilitator, or volunteer expert. Kindly RSVP here.


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