Delhi NCR, India

Plz apply via the link given below.
We, School of Management @ World University of Design conduct ‘Global Goals Jam’ every year.
This year we will be working on the theme – Regenerative Cities.

The problem statement is,

“What do we do with the packaging that comes home everyday? “

Challenge in detail : To reduce the environmental impact of packaging that is delivered to our home everyday by food delivery and e-commerce firms. We will be looking for solutions to redesign/ reduce / recycle / reuse of packaging and the materials (papers / plastics/ etc) being used, strategies for closing the loop.
You can work on a single specific product e.g : Food / pizza delivery box or address the whole category.

This is a Service Design Jam – Design thinking Jam.

Professionals & students from all fields can participate in this and contribute with ideas towards the Sustainable Development Goals. SDG 11,SDG 12 & SDG 13.
We look forward to participation via senior students, academics, and professionals.
It is a 2-day virtual program this time and ideas from all walks of life are welcome.

The program is supported by ‘Digital Society School – Amsterdam’, UNDP, StartupIndia. The idea that is selected is put forth for Global implementation.
There are more than 80 cities participating in this simultaneously.