This Jam is a joint effort between Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia and the University of Portsmouth in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. 

When we asked students if they were keen to join a program dedicated to finding ways to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the positive response was overwhelming.  

Acknowledging the importance of water to the cities of Perth and Portsmouth, our Jam draws on the following Sustainable Development Goals:

6 Clean Water and Sanitation,

13 Climate Action, and

14 Life Below Water.  

Students from all disciplines will collaborate in small groups to communicate a particular problem connected to the theme of water. We will use creative methods such as design thinking and prototyping.

To ensure a collaborative environment, each Australian group will have a sister group in the U.K. They will meet online, synchronously across five days.  Students will ‘huddle’ online and share their journeys, in between guest appearances by experts in the fields of sustainability, conservation, policy, pollution, design and more! This includes a powerhouse panel with environmental, architectural and Australian Aboriginal perspectives on water. 

This Jam is truly unique giving students the opportunity to explore and empathise with a challenge, not solve it, whilst nurturing international peer networks and intercultural communication skills.