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Neighborhoods as a Multiverse

Neighborhoods are unique, system hubs that require autonomy—yet together have the binding force to influence broader systems. Global Shapers MSP, Impact Hub MSP, and East Phillips Neighborhood Institute (EPNI) are bringing together cross-sector community members and organizations to engage in the design challenge: How might we empower Environmental Justice communities to voices their injustices for actionable systems change?

The challenges before us are so complex that no single discipline, mindset, or expertise will be able to solve them. To address social challenges globally, we need to collaborate and learn from local ideas that are being developed across the globe.

To collaborate, we need to engage in a way that goes beyond talking, towards making and creating, in a space for people from all backgrounds who bring in their local knowledge, ensuring a bottom-up, grassroots approach.

Reach out to ccc.shapers@gmail.com with questions!