Global Goals Jam Trans-local: Japan 2022

Online interaction across multiple localities

Global Goals Jam Trans-local: Japan 2022 will be a hybrid face-to-face and online two-day workshop. Workshops will be held in person at local venues, while discussions and presentations beyond the project will be conducted online.

Face-to-face workshops will be held in Kyoto, Yamaguchi, and Fukuoka.

The program will realize collaboration that connects the dialogue and intensive communication while touching prototypes created by sharing real space, and the local context that is beyond the physical distance via online.

The final presentation will be made by all teams together online.
(*The event format is subject to change.)

Co-creation with project partners

The workshop will feature a “Project Partner System” to address the challenges faced by the stakeholders in projects related to the SDGs.

During the two-day workshop on September 17 (Sat.) and 18 (Sun.), participants will engage in intensively thinking about their projects with active partners and utilize design thinking to generate new ideas and make them real.

Participants will form teams to explore issues and projects that each project partner is working on, sharing the perspectives of participants and stakeholders in the issue, leading to “research,” “idea generation,” “concept development,” “prototyping,” and “final presentation.

Let’s use Global Goals Jam as an opportunity to expand our networks and take concrete action!

Co-organized by
– Faculty of Design Kyushu University
– Kyoto Sangyo University Faculty of Information Science and Engineering
– Yamaguchi University Faculty Of Global Science Studies
– FabCafe Kyoto