Global Goals Jam Kyoto / Keihoku 2023

Two Days of Diving Deep into Sustainable Craftsmanship with Forests and Satoyama (Rural Woodlands)

Hey there! If you’re a designer, programmer, engineer, researcher, student, or just someone with a passion for making a difference, we’ve got something exciting for you. We’re all about the “Global Goals Jam (GGJ)”, a global initiative pushing for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For 2023, we’re setting our sights on the Keihoku area in Kyoto, Japan. Think craftsmanship that’s all about the local vibes – the climate, the culture, and how technology can vibe with the forests and Satoyama that have been around for ages. We’re brainstorming and prototyping for a better future.

A bit of history: The Global Goals Jam in Kyoto kicked off in 2018. Even with the pandemic throwing curveballs, we kept the ball rolling, teaming up with cities worldwide, all while keeping FabCafe Kyoto as our cozy base.

This time around, we’re hosting in Keihoku. It’s not just any place; it’s where Kyoto’s timber legacy lives. We’re diving into the heart of local craftsmanship, the forests, the satoyama, and how tech can play a part. Our main hangout spots? The “Fab Village Keihoku (FVK)”, a cool space for woodworking enthusiasts, and its home, the old Keihoku Third Elementary School.

About Keihoku
Keihoku, once known as Keihoku Town, is this chill mountainous spot about an hour’s drive from Kyoto’s hustle and bustle. Back in the day, when Heian-kyo was being built, this place provided all the timber, which floated down the Katsura River and became the backbone of the city’s culture. Now, it’s a hotspot for creators and thinkers, all drawn to its charm.

So, here’s the plan: We step out, make the “satoyama” our playground for two days, and get our hands dirty (figuratively, of course). We’re talking biodiversity, materials, craftsmanship, and how forests and cities can be besties. We’re expecting some fresh woodworkers from Keihoku, students from cool alternative schools, and folks into digital fabrication and design. Age? Profession? Doesn’t matter. It’s all about coming together and making things happen. So, if you’re curious and want to mix up your daily grind, come join the fun!

Limited to 16 participants. (Please note: In the event of an overwhelming number of applications, participants will be selected through a lottery system.)

Participation Fee:
¥15,000. (Students are eligible for a ¥2,000 discount.)

This comprehensive fee includes accommodation, meals, venue charges, insurance, and round-trip shuttle service from JR Nijo Station. 

Application Deadline:
September 1, 2023 (Friday).

Co-organized by:
-Kyoto Sangyo University Faculty of Information Science and Engineering
-Fab Cafe Kyoto.

For more information and application, please visit the following website (Japanese only):

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