Global themes – local challenges


Do you have a passion for solving social challenges to improve lives? Join us to in the second edition of the #GlobalGoalsJam in Dublin  where local innovators and creatives will join teams around the world in designing actionable interventions toward achieving the Global Goals.
You are invited to join a global network and learn cutting edge design methods. Develop and share your ideas in real-time with other participants from Santiago, Amman, Fukuoka, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam and beyond!

About the global goals
During the 2015 Social Good Summit, 193 world leaders committed to achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals by year 2030. As an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme and Digital Society School, the Global Goals Jam seeks to design realistic, actionable interventions for these goals.

The Global Goals Jam in Dublin focuses on the following global themes: [delete the ones that are not applicable]
Water and Climate Change (SDG 4, SDG 13)
Migration (SDG 10, SDG 16)
Electronic Waste (SDG 12)
Sustainable Development for People ánd Planet (SDG 1, SDG 8)

Let’s design #2030now!