Sao Tome and Principe
    Global Goals Jam 2018 Sao Tome and Principe We did it! On September 15th and 16th Sao Tome and Principe participated in a world event called Global Goals Jam, with the goal of developing innovative and impactful actions to achieve the #SustainableDevelopmentGoals (SDG). This initiative was implemented by the United Nations together with...
Rio de Janeiro’s Jam @PUC-Rio (2018)
South America
Hello world. Our jammers are in full coffee fuelled workmode in Rio de Janeiro! Here at Rio, we started working on the 15th of September, vigorously searching to answer the chosen pressing matters proposed by this year’s jam. We have ideated, structured and mapped out the work ahead of us, and during the length of...
Manaus decided to take part of the Global Goals Jam this year for the first time and be the second city to host the event along with Rio de Janeiro in Brazil! We have gathered friends and lots of partners that are willing for a sustainable world in 2030 and looking for achieving all 17...
Kigali (Kinyarwanda: [Kiɡɑɾí]) is the Capital and largest city of Rwanda. It is near the nation’s geographic center. The city has been Rwanda’s economic, cultural, and transport hub since it became capital at independence in 1962. The city hosts the main residence and offices of the President of Rwanda  and government ministries. The city is within the...
Centre International de Artisanat de Yaounde
Global Goals Jam Leipzig takes place as a prototype in 2018 – at Basislager, the space for innovative ideas! Main contributors are binee, Basecamp, sage and Smart Infrastructure Hub. We’re excited about what’s jamming in the next days =D
The Global Goals Jam in Kerkrade is a collaboration between Studio Hyperspace, Cube Design Museum and Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology (MAMDT). The jam takes place in the design labs of Cube Design Museum on friday september 21 and saturday 22. The jam is streamed via the youtube channel of Cube Design Museum:...
Amsterdam is the founding member of the Global Goals Jam. During the first ever edition of the Global Goals Jam, in September 2016, 17 locations and over 500 jammers created over 10.000 hours of direct (design) impact for the SDG’s. In the second year we had more than 1200 participants in over 40 cities worldwide...
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