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Global Goals Jam 2018 Sao Tome and Principe

We did it! On September 15th and 16th Sao Tome and Principe participated in a world event called Global Goals Jam, with the goal of developing innovative and impactful actions to achieve the #SustainableDevelopmentGoals (SDG). This initiative was implemented by the United Nations together with some Youth Institutions, namely, the National Youth Council, Youth Institute, Jovens 3.0, Syah along with Young Students of Praia Melão and the community itself.

The #SDG 14 – Life below water – was chosen to mark the country’s first adhesion to this wave. On the 15th  we were at Praia Melão cleaning the beach where we removed several solid wastes that were used during the Recycling Workshop, held on the 16th, to show the public as well as the youth how to give a second chance to the trash we produce.

September 17th, we launched a “Day without plastic” campaign in which some bakeries and supermarket were contacted (also financed by us) to provide cloth bags to their customer instead of plastic, thus raising awareness of the use sustainable options such as cloth bags, raffia, paper, among others in our daily lives.

These are small actions with great impacts for our planet. From #STP to the world! Thinking locally to achieve global goals.

#ONU #Worldcleanupday #Globalgoalsjam #Design2030now! #SDGs #SDG14 #LifeBelowWater

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