Rio de Janeiro’s Jam @PUC-Rio (2018)

Hello world. Our jammers are in full coffee fuelled workmode in Rio de Janeiro!

Here at Rio, we started working on the 15th of September, vigorously searching to answer the chosen pressing matters proposed by this year’s jam. We have ideated, structured and mapped out the work ahead of us, and during the length of the week before the final day, students had the opportunity to engage in uncovering more about their selected themes, as well as research deeper and more personally into their proposed solutions.

The six groups kicked off work towards the closing of Rio’s Jam and will wrap up at 6h30pm today, the 22nd of September. We can barely wait to share the results! Meanwhile, have a look at our Making Of:


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    South America
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    PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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  • Saturday
    9AM-6PM (GMT+3)
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