Global Goals Jam Kigali

The global goals jam is two day event aiming to engage solution makers and designers to contribute to the sustainable development by creating short-term intervention with long term impact. The event is organized for creative people to develop solutions to the existing situation of the community.

The Green Fighter is a youth lead environmental organization with the aim to show youth contribution to the protection of the environment and the sustainability of the community health through their engagement.

To give stakeholders, designers and youth from Rwanda the unique platform to generate idea, short-term intervention and projects to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals; and to share the designs and idea with the global jam channel.

The Jam will also address the gap in the personal knowledge on the SDG’s and how one can contribute to a local achievement and contribute on the global level.

Goal 1  No poverty

How can we empower youth from secondary schools to be more like an opportunity rather than a threat to the employment level in Rwanda during the one year vacancy before the university studies.

Goal 3 Good health and well-being

How can we monitor children nutrition on a daily basis in our communities (homes)?

How can we achieve zero death in new born in our country?

Goal 5 Gender equality

How can we boost gender equality in relation to mother-parents responsibilities in a family routine?

Goal 7 Affordable renewable energy

How can we facilitate the good education of students in a place without electrical power?

Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities

How can we achieve affordable residential households related to Kigali’s master plan?

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