Meet the global organising team


Global Coordination

Organised last years first Global Goals Jam in Amsterdam, now coordinating the global event. Besides GGJ 2017, spends time working at a social enterprise developing a social inclusion program by making recycled products and giving creative workshops. Excited on anything in-between design, sustainability and social innovation.


Co-founder Global Goals Jam

Lead Design & Research at MediaLAB Amsterdam. Responsible for the development of the Design Method Toolkit and SCREAM! (an approach, app and platform for multidisciplinary design teams). On a mission to fight 'Design Waste', by introducing a common language of design methods to the design field so that creatives can build upon each other's work and share intermediate-level knowledge to tackle the world's biggest challenges together. Marco co-founded the Global Goals Jam in 2016.


Co-founder Global Goals Jam

Director of MediaLAB Amsterdam, a design lab within Amsterdam Creative Industries and part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Responsible for Design Across Cultures. A collaboration with Cisco Systems and a programme for multidisciplinary, multicultural teams around the world, using the undeniable force of cultural differences and similarities as a design strategy to locally have impact on global issues. Gijs co-founded the Global Goals Jam in 2016.


Engagement Manager - UNDP

Engagement Manager at the United Nations Development Programme. Responsible for organizing the Social Good Summit in conjunction with Mashable, 92Y and the United Nations Foundation, managing the +SocialGood partnership and UNDP's communication partnerships. Strong roots in journalism and detailed knowledge of current and international affairs. Has worked in some of the most politically volatile and dangerous areas of the globe. Boaz co-founded the Global Goals Jam in 2016.


Design of methodology and jamkit

Works as interaction design researcher in the MediaLAB Amsterdam, interested in understanding how to use new methods into design research. Was part of last year’s Global Goals Jam as coach of one of the Amsterdam team’s coach. Has been collaborating on the design and playlist of methods that will be shared with the locations that will be joining this year’s Global Goals Jam.


International Academic Relations Global Goals Jam

For the past years two has been working for the Faculty of Digital Design & Creative Industries, building international relations, networking and setting up international cooperation projects with universities and companies. All with the goal of making our graduates capable and flexible global employees. Main areas of interest are : Intercultural Communication; Business Communication; mentoring of international students, both individually and during project team work; representing the faculty, and in a broader sense, Dutch education abroad.


Global evaluation & reflection

Aline is a Brazilian service designer, currently living in Europe, interested in how design can inspire, engage and enable people to act towards social and public innovation. She is finishing a Master of Integrated Design from Köln International School of Design, in partnership with MediaLab, in which she explores speculative roles for Academic Design Labs within Public Sector Innovation. Her task on the GGJ includes the organization of the Amsterdam jam and the development of innovative experiences locally to be scaled globally in the next editions.


Design of methodology and jamkit

Part of the design and development team of the physical Design Method Toolkit. Engaged on finding ways to make interdisciplinary design teams work on global challenges efficiently and in a fun environment. Bruna studies Product Design at the Polytechnic University of Turin and will transform her experience with design methods and the organization of the Global Goals Jam in her Bachelor Thesis.


Fundraising and Engagement Consultant

Joined UNDP to work on Digital Good, the first interactive platform enabling people worldwide to fund local and global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. She focuses on the engagement initiatives and creates avenues for youth to be part of the SDGs agenda. Her strong background in education helps strengthen the relationship with students in different academic institutions in order to engage them with SDGs and DigitalGood. Hana has worked previously on different human development projects.